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Physical address:
Level 2
23 Union Street
Auckland 1010

Postal address:

36B Jellioce Rd


P +64 9 2392722
M +64 21 630349 (Gerard)
M +64 21 630288 (Kelvin)


Postal address:
P.O. Box  308
Waikanae 5250

P +64 4 905 6580
P +64 21 473 730 (Jane)

The Enfocus Group

The Enfocus Group website provides a portal to three of New Zealandís leading policy professionals.

Although we are three separate legal entities we share ideas, values and resources enabling us to deliver premium advice on New Zealandís public policy.

While an environmental emphasis prevails, we recognise the inter-related nature of many public policy issues and seek to provide services that acknowledge and promote environmental, social and economic welfare.

We take an innovative approach to consulting on complex challenges and opportunities that require multidisciplinary responses.   We are committed to delivering durable results, based on an intellectually rigorous approach to problem solving.

An emphasis on political neutrality, a core public good value set and an open and objective approach to new or contrary ideas characterise our style.

Above all, the Enfocus Group exists to provide advice and support that assists both public and private entities to act effectively as positive change agents for the New Zealand and global environment.

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